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Hotel Nikiana Lefkada



Lefkada is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea (320 sq. Km.) And the fourth in population with about 22,000 inhabitants. Karsan embroidery, the customs of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany and the Easter customs are some of the most important cultural characteristics of the people of Lefkada. The Lefkada Philharmonic Society (FEL), which is the second oldest music association in Greece (founded in 1850), has contributed to the cultural heritage of the place, participating in important historical events, such as the Olympic Games of 1896. Also on the island, every summer, the Dance and Music Festival (International Folklore Festival) takes place from 1962 until today, with the participation of artists from all over the world, as well as the Speech and Art Festivals that were first organized in 1955 and are one of the oldest cultural institutions in Greece.

Lefkada is an enviable destination for lovers of water sports. In various parts of the island there are beaches that are suitable for such occasions. For example, on the beach of Ai Giannis, with its huge sandy beach, one can get in first contact with the new kitesurfing sport for Greece and learn its secrets. In fact, every year official competitions are organized with the participation of athletes from all over the world. In the bay of Vasiliki, on Ponti beach, is the hangout of windsurfers. Hundreds of athletes visit this place every year to show their potential in the sport of windsurfing, while there is also a Surf Festival. Both of the aforementioned beaches are among the three most suitable in Europe and in the top ten in the world for this kind of extreme sports. Other sports activities offered by the island are diving, water skiing, paragliding, sailing, cycling and horse riding.



Nikiana is a beautiful village 7 km from the town of Lefkada and 5 km from the famous Nidri. Its privileged location and the tourist infrastructure that it has attract every year a large number of tourists who visit it to enjoy the sea and its natural beauties. Water sports lovers will find their paradise here as there are all the modern facilities to enjoy their favorite sports on the enchanting beaches of the area.